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Posted by on Aug 23, 2013 in Vermont | 0 comments

In Vermont, health care reform is bigger than the Affordable Care Act


What is Vermont doing to make sure that everyone has health insurance coverage?

The online marketplace is just one part of the state’s health care reform efforts. The ultimate goal is to establish a universal health system, called Green Mountain Care. The unified system covering all Vermonters should launch in 2017 after the Affordable Care Act waiver is available. State Innovation Waivers are designed to allow states to have the flexibility to implement state-specific reforms that vary from PPACA requirements provided that they:

  • Provide coverage that is at least as comprehensive as the coverage offered through Exchanges
  • Make coverage at least as affordable as it would have been through the Exchanges
  • Provide coverage to at least as many residents as the Affordable Care Act would have provided
  • Do not increase the Federal deficit

Where do I go to compare my health insurance options and purchase coverage?

The official Vermont exchange website is called Vermont Health Connect.

Beginning January 1, 2014, for individuals, families, and small groups, the online marketplace will be the only available option for purchasing health insurance. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont and MVP Health Plan will be participating in the state’s online individual and small group health insurance marketplace.

What will my options on the exchange look like?

State standard plans must be offered by all carriers participating in the exchange but insurance carriers can also offer unique plans. The final approved insurance plans and rates were released in July of 2013.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

State standard plan options include: platinum (deductible), gold( deductible), silver deductible, silver HDHP, bronze deductible, and bronze HDHP plans.

BCBSVT will also be offering two non-standard plans that require members to select a PCP and offer members access to the national provider network: Blue for You will be available at the gold and silver metal levels and the CDHP Blue for You, consumer-directed health plan, at the gold, silver, and bronze metal levels. A catastrophic plan will also be available to qualifying individuals.

BCBSVT’s plans will utilize an EPO network. Through the use of their Blue Cross Blue Shield BlueCard, subscribers may access a nationwide network.


MVP Health Plan

State standard plans will be available at the gold, silver, bronze, and catastrophic metal levels. Non-standard options will be available at the gold, silver, and bronze metal levels.

New information is being released every day. Follow this blog to receive updates as new information is released in Vermont.

Jillian Carlile

Research Analyst & Health Exchange know-it-all


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