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Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Approval of the ACA increases while uninsured Americans remain unfamiliar with exchanges

Despite the bumpy launch of federal and state exchanges on October 1, two October Gallup polls show that approval of the Affordable Care Act has inched up while uninsured Americans remain unfamiliar with the public health insurance exchanges.

According to Gallup’s Frank Newport, “Americans’ attitudes about the Affordable Care Act remain more negative than positive, although slightly less so than in August, prior to the government shutdown. Gallup measured these most recent views as the technical problems with the health insurance exchange website garnered increased media attention. This suggests that the poor performance of the health exchange sites may not at this point be negatively affecting Americans’ views of the ACA overall. The law remains one of the most polarizing issues Gallup has measured, with more than eight in 10 Democrats approving, while more than eight in 10 Republicans disapprove.”

Check out the findings of the Gallup poll: Approval of Affordable Care Act Inches Up

According to Gallup’s Jeffrey Jones, “Gallup’s tracking suggests little progress has been made in uninsured Americans’ awareness of the insurance requirement or familiarity with healthcare exchanges in the weeks since they have been open. On the positive side, more than seven in 10 uninsured Americans are aware they need to get insurance. However, the same percentage say they are unfamiliar with the exchanges, the primary place uninsured Americans are supposed to be able to find insurance.”

Check out the findings of the Gallup poll: Uninsured Americans Still Unfamiliar With Health Exchanges

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