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Posted by on Nov 4, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

State exchanges operating more effectively than federal exchange

Many state-based exchanges are operating more effectively than the federal exchange, including California, Connecticut, Kentucky, New York, Rhode Island and Washington.

Why such a difference between these state-run exchanges and that run by the federal government?

According to Kaiser Health News, several factors played into the difference:

Complexity of scope: The federal government is responsible for operating exchanges for the 36 states which chose not to set up state-based exchanges; this means integrating with multiple state eligibility databases. Exchanges set up by individual states were able to focus on state issues and integration with the federal Data Services Hub and the state eligibility system.

Closer to home: For state-based exchanges, proximity to stakeholders allowed those involved to work more closely together including insurers, state eligibility departments and consumers. States managed fewer contractors closer to home; making the process simpler than that of the federal exchange, which used 55 outside contractors.

Read the article to learn about other factors that contributed to the differences between the federal and state exchanges: Why State Exchange Sites Worked While the Federal Site Faltered

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