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Healthcare Provider Network Insights – A Strenuus Exclusive

While we know that the healthcare industry is changing, most organizations don’t have the right resources or tools to actually examine the changing environment and gain an understanding of how those changes are being implemented by various industry participants.

As the healthcare industry shifts, we are seeing everything from incumbent insurers offering new networks, to insurers moving into the individual market for the first time, to the entrance of entirely new participants in the industry. The shift will continue as companies refocus their strategies to adjust to the public exchange landscape.

At Strenuus, we have a unique position in this industry – we provide solutions for gaining provider network competitive intelligence – so, we have access to a unique set of data. Our process includes acquiring, standardizing, and matching network data across multiple carriers. This information is then presented in an easy to understand, flexible format, called Network360.

Screen shot of Strenuus’ Network360 – comparing two sample medical provider networks: PrimeHealth PPO and HealthyStart PPO.

Strenuus’ Network360 – comparing two sample medical provider networks: PrimeHealth PPO and HealthyStart PPO.

At Strenuus, we have been collecting data about new exchange offerings including which carriers are participating in each of the states and the networks being utilized for exchange plans.

We used Network360 to compare a handful of provider networks on the new public health insurance exchanges. As we suspected there were some pretty interesting things to learn about these new exchange networks.

We thought, “this information is really exciting; others in the healthcare industry would really benefit from these insights.” So, Strenuus hosted a free webinar about the New Exchange Landscape in order to share some of the insights we gained regarding new networks being utilized in public marketplace plans – the turnout for this webinar was beyond our expectations.

In response to the high interest, Strenuus founding partner, Matthew Mellor, will be hosting The New Exchange Landscape – Round 2, so that we can continue to share these insights, including:

  • New narrow networks and the different approaches carriers are taking to their development
  • A side-by-side comparison of the provider composition of narrow networks and traditional PPOs and HMOs
  • Strategies new co-ops are utilizing in the public health exchange marketplace

If you are interested in attending this free webinar, please contact

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Jillian Carlile
Research Analyst & Health Exchange know-it-all

About Strenuus

Strenuus® is the industry leader in delivering network competitive intelligence services. We are the largest collector of managed care data in the country. With a singular focus on the managed care industry, we provide services to support payors, brokers, consultants and healthcare IT companies. Whether you represent employer-based coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, dental, work comp or specialty networks, we have the data and insights you need.

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