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Posted by on May 1, 2014 in Network360 | 0 comments

Coming Soon – The New and Improved Network360



It’s Here! Strenuus launches updated Network360

The new and improved Network360 is here! The URL now directs users to the new version of Network360.

June 2, 2014

If you haven’t spent time in the new version of Network360, don’t worry, it is easy to use! For Network360 users, we have made it simple to learn about all the cool new things Network360 has to offer with:

  • Frequently Asked Question
  • Video Tutorials
  • Network360 Training Webinars



Out with the old, in with the new Network360

Our email awareness campaign to Network360 users is in full swing. We will be sharing several messages over the next month that will spotlight a host of great new features in our entirely updated website built specifically around helping our customers get more from their subscriptions. We put ease-of-use and instant access to relevant data at the center of these system changes. This new platform takes provider network competitive intelligence to an entirely new level!

May 14, 2014

The transition to the new Network360 is approaching quickly. The redesigned platform delivers many easy-to-use features, here are just a few:

 Compare Networks

This replacement to Network Overlap combines several key reports on a single page.

✓   Expand each tile to a full-page analysis for greater detail

✓   Drill into details behind any chart

✓   Easily change report parameters and the charts update automatically

✓   Export results to PDF

 Interactive Maps

New dynamic maps make it simple to see the details quickly.

✓  Compare network strength with color coded maps

✓  Change views easily to see different details

✓  View the underlying details by hovering over an area or clicking on the map

 Find Providers

Searching for a provider but don’t know an exact spelling or name – it’s not a problem!

✓  Find a provider with ‘soft’ or ‘fuzzy’ comparisons of address and name components

✓  Search by name or ID NPI or your own ID, seamlessly integrated

✓  Tag providers: recruiting, rejected, inactive, or create your own

✓  Add comments that will carry forward with new project generations

✓  Integrated provider verification

✓  View additional details like hospital bed count with newly added resources

 Create Lists

Create a list of providers.

✓  Create Lists based on flexible criteria like location, networks, specialties—even your own tags!

✓  Conduct a radius search based on the distance from a location

✓  Mix and match location criteria; combine: MSAs, cities, counties, and zip codes

✓  Export lists for easy import into other applications

 Collaborate and Share

Working as a team just got so much simpler.

✓  Save and share information with others, even if they aren’t Network360 users

✓  Share comments with others in your organization

✓  Pick-up where you left off with the Activity Stream

✓  Save queries; when data is refreshed, it will run against new data


May 7, 2014

The transformation to Network360 includes the addition of easy-to-use features that save you time:

  • The Activity Streamallows you to save queries and recreate reports
  • New Dynamic Maps make it simple to see the details quickly
  • Add Tags and Commentsthat will carry forward with new project generations: recruiting, rejected, inactive, or create your own tags

While there are so many things to love about the upgrades to Network360, one of our favorite new features is the addition of Integrated Provider Verification through a partnership with Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS), the leader in provider data verification reference services. Accessing verified data is as simple as:

  1. Searching for a provider
  2. Viewing the provider details

Verified data is included as part of the results. Every record includes (where data is available):

  • Demographic information (sanctions, tax ID, UPIN, DEA, etc.)
  • Practice locations (practice name, office manager, office size, annual sales)
  • Education and training
  • Hospital affiliations
  • Medicare participation

We’ve included the first 50 searches each month for free. 

May 1, 2014

Network360’s newly designed interface with improved technology delivers an intuitive and interactive platform that enables you to quickly retrieve the information you need.
While there are so many things to love about the upgrades to Network360, we at Strenuus have focused on delivering features and functionality that will save you time. The days of selecting a multitude of parameters and waiting for results are over; we have eliminated un-needed steps to greatly accelerate the delivery of information and provide easy to understand reports and lists.
Stayed tuned; we will be sharing more about the changes to Network360 in the next few weeks as we approach the official launch of the new and improved platform on June 1, 2014!

Provider Network Intelligence Platform

Nine out of ten Fortune 500 Payors use Network360, the cornerstone of Strenuus’ provider network intelligence analytics platform. From internal benchmarking and network maintenance, to outward-facing reports with focused data points, to dashboards that provide a clear and complete picture of your market, Network360 enables organizations to derive unparalleled value from network-tagged provider data. Optimize networks while retaining or winning key accounts by using data-driven insights that deliver successes on a large, repeatable scale.



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