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Provider Nexus IO

Streamline the fulfillment of data requests with minimal resources


The changing healthcare landscape

Healthcare reform has brought many changes to the healthcare landscape, including new requirements designed to support the consumer’s ability to access better information to make more informed decisions. CMS is requiring qualified health plans and stand-alone dental plans to publish provider directories in a machine-readable JSON format to allow third parties to access their information. Meeting these requirements and ensuring your data is used appropriately is becoming increasingly complex and causing additional strain on already busy IT departments.

Strenuus introduces the cutting-edge solution, Provider Nexus io, to take this burden and liability off of health and dental plans.

Through the technology of Provider Nexus io, Strenuus ensures companies can become compliant with the new CMS regulations by quickly converting provider data files to the CMS-required JSON format for delivery on their websites. In this easy-to-use portal, data can be submitted once to fulfill all provider data requests. Strenuus will validate, standardize, and clean the data to our high quality standards. As new data requests flow through the Provider Nexus io portal, Strenuus will format your data and deliver to the requester once approved, freeing your team resources and giving you the peace of mind knowing:

  • Who is requesting your data
  • Date of request
  • Network(s) requested
  • Geography requested
  • Status of request
  • Last time data was downloaded

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