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While it is clear that the healthcare industry is changing, most organizations don’t have the right resources or tools to actually examine the changing environment and gain an understanding of how those changes are being implemented by various industry participants. As the healthcare industry shifts, we are seeing everything from incumbent insurers offering new networks, to insurers moving into the individual market for the first time, to the entrance of entirely new participants in the industry. The shift will continue as companies refocus their strategies to adjust to the public exchange landscape.

At Strenuus, we have a unique position in this industry – we provide solutions for gaining provider network competitive intelligence – so, we have access to a unique set of data. Our process includes acquiring, standardizing, and matching network data across multiple carriers. As one of the largest collectors of managed care data in the US, we collect data from 400+ payors and thousands of networks in all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico.

Since the launch of the public health insurance exchanges, we have been collecting data about new exchange offerings, including which carriers are participating in each of the states and the networks being utilized for exchange plans. As we analyze new HIX provider networks we are finding some very interesting things. So, we are sharing our insights regarding the evolving healthcare landscape.

Past Webinars

Five Things You Need to Know Right Now About the Evolving Exchange Landscape

Year three of open enrollment on the health insurance exchanges has begun. It has brought dramatic changes in many markets including even fiercer competition. Exchange issuers are now facing even more scrutiny than ever before, with an ever-increasing list of requirements for marketplace participation. Join us as we cover the five things you need to know right now to stay competitive in this evolving exchange landscape.

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Unlocking the Mystery of Narrow Networks

Strenuus Insights is taking a new approach to defining what constitutes a “narrow network.” In our upcoming webinar, we will dive into methods for how to more accurately analyze networks. As you prepare for 2016, make sure you have the information you need to understand the competitive landscape.

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Dissecting Narrow Networks

What you need to know for 2015

You can’t discuss the Health Insurance Exchanges without talking about provider networks. Following the initial launch of the exchanges, Strenuus began examining the new HIX networks. Join us as we dig into network data from plans being utilized on the health insurance exchanges and gain visibility into emerging network trends.

  • Discover strategies carriers are using to develop narrower networks.
  • Compare networks within and across multiple markets.
  • Plan for network development in 2015 and beyond.

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HIX Network Access: Colorado Case Study

With a wide variety of exchange participants and products, Colorado makes for an insightful study; incumbents are competing alongside new entrants, exchange plans are utilizing a variety of network designs, and participants include a range of payors who compete across multiple states.

Join us as we dig into provider network data from plans being utilized in Colorado’s health insurance exchange and gain visibility into the changing healthcare landscape.

  • Exchange networks: How is volatility affecting the consumer?
  • Narrow networks vs. broad networks: How does it affect access?
  • Access gaps: Are exchanges creating health care deserts?
  • Provider search on the Colorado exchange site: A step forward, or a step backward?